Abortion & Race: Why Abortion Bans and Restrictions Disproportionately Affect Black Women and People of Color

by: Sarah Elizabeth Gelfand, Christina Santana Hammervold, Emma C. Ross, M.D., J.D., AnnaLise Bender-Brown, Leenor Gold, Samira Seraji,Martin A. Hewitt, Tuyen Trisa Bui, Alexander C. Horowitz, Michael K. Lane, Monica Larsen, Kaitlyn C. Sapp, Brianna Sullivan, Chantal Tran, Sarah Thompson, Eliza Sporn Fromberg, Theresa A. Kelly, Sue Ann Orsini, Stephanie J. Schmalz, Rebecca M. Red, Atea Stefani, Mediha Ali, Chelsea Lawson, Sarah Goetz, Shade Oladetimi, James Quail, Alicia McKnight, Alexandra J. Murphy, Sarah Schacter, Lauren Williams, Jana Felberbaum, Laura Brawley, Eliany Dominguez, Peter Evancho, Rebecca Girardin, Jill Gray, Frederick Levenson, Cory Maiorana, Camilla Oliva, Jasmin Ouseph, Kaelyn Smith, Ashleigh Sternberg, Gilana Keller, Rebecca Meisler, and Madeleine Lyons

The report explores state laws that ban or severely restrict abortion in the context of reproductive justice and structural racism.  To that end, the report reviews federal and state-level data (particularly in states where anti-abortion laws have been enacted or proposed) to analyze the ways in which current and proposed state anti-abortion laws uphold existing structural racism and disparately impact Black women, people of color, and other marginalized people.

Working Groups Reproductive Justice

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