Survey of State- and Nationwide Initiatives Addressing Alternative Methods to Policing the Unhoused

Alternative Methods to Policing the Unhoused by Mary Benton, Lise Berichel, Denver Donchez, Amanda Fisher, Jil Rinne and Skadden Summer Associates

This survey is a non-exhaustive repository of state- and nationwide initiatives to address alternative response methods to policing the unhoused. Specifically, it examines organizations involved in each initiative; relevant state laws and/or legislation pursuant to or against which each initiative was developed; and key takeaways briefly assessing the benefits, areas of improvement, and what can be learned from each initiative.

Working Groups Homelessness
Melanie Lipomanis
Attorney at Porzio, Bromberg & Newman P.C.
Jil Rinne
Marketing Manager at McDermott Will Emery

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